• FIAS website presents: the second issue of FIAS video magazine

FIAS website presents: the second issue of FIAS video magazine

18 March 2013 Sergei Grishin

Once again SAMBO fans have a lot to see! Standups from major competitions, news from all over the world and outstanding SAMBO athletes close up – this and much more can be found in the second issue of the International SAMBO Federation video magazine. Who was getting to the World Cup in Uralsk (Kazakhstan) during four days? Is it easy to be a TV commentator while your son is performing on the carpet? How will the behind-the-scenes fuss over the wrestling finish, and what are the SAMBO Olympic prospects? Answers to these and many other questions you can find in FIAS video magazine.

Do you know how the Japanese SAMBO athletes are preparing for the 2013 Universiade, who of SAMBO athletes is very difficult to wake up, and who of the Chinese athletes pronounces FIAS slogan «Win your day» easily? The International SAMBO Federation video magazine will tell you about all these matters, as well as summarize the voting declared in its inaugural issue. You will be able to know which of the SAMBO duel meets at the World Cup 2012 took up the majority sympathy in the online survey on FIAS website, and what kind of awards will the winners get. Look, enjoy, learn new and exciting information on the events in SAMBO world.

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