FIAS Anti-Doping Hearing Panel – Decision – Vadim POSTNIKOV - RUS

On 10 October 2015 in occasion of Junior World SAMBO Championships 2015 at Riga, Latvia was tested positive the athlete Vadim Postnikov to following substance:

  1. Furosemide – is the prohibited substance classified under calls S5 – Diuretics and Masking Agents of WADA Prohibited list 2015 and is prohibited in- and out- of competition.

FIAS Anti-Doping Hearing Panel decided according the article 10.2.2 of FIAS Anti-Doping Rules 2015 to impose on the athlete a period of two (2) years of ineligibility, starting on 4 November 2015 and ending at the conclusion of the 4 November 2017 for his first Anti-Doping rule violation. The results of the athlete, obtained during the Junior World SAMBO Championship 2015 that took place at Riga, Latvia, are to be annulled, including forfeiture of medals, points and prizes.

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